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Live Webinar: Learning Paths in Moodle

About The Webinar:

When you are creating a training program you have to make sure that the learners complete the necessary courses and activities to achieve a specific knowledge or develop some skills. Becomes very important for you, your company or institution to create the right learning paths in your LMS to guide your students and control the completion of the training activities/modules in the sequence that you design.

A learning path is a sequence or a structure that contains multiple courses and activities that help your employees or students to get the right knowledge, in the right order and without wasting time. The learning paths could include intermediate quizzes, videos, presentations, assignments, and text. Anything that your learners need to complete before passing to the next course or activity.

You can upload any number of learning assets and categorize them. With that categorization, you can order, control learners’ completion with mandatory activities or courses and also set a time duration for each of them.

In a learning path, you don’t need only mandatory activities, you can also have many optional courses, which can include presentations, videos, and PDFs, where a learner can get more materials to gain in-depth knowledge on the subject if they have the time.

Competency management tool helps you define the particular skills that your employees or students need to achieve in a specific subject or area. It allows you to set up a learning plan, designed to take the learners to the right educational process and demonstrate the skills required before passing on the next training or course. That would help you save time, resources and also be sure that your learners are really on the right path.

Tuesday, July 31th, 2018
10 am PT | 1 pm EDT | 6 pm BST

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Live Webinar:
How to Reduce Disengagement with Gamification

About The Webinar:

Join us for the second part of our two-part Gamification webinar series. If your finger is on the gamification pulse, you know that gamifying your learning programs is a great way to engage learners. It creates challenges and instills the sense of accomplishment that comes with progressing through a game-like course.

Gamification makes learners think and engage, and that gives your programs more impact. It’s effective at driving learner engagement, reinforcing key concepts and building opportunities for learners to succeed in their overall learning experience.

Co-hosted by Paula Yunker, with 35+ years of instructional design experience—this webinar will explain why you should consider gamifying your elearning and how to apply gamification best practices to ensure you’re designing a great learning experience. We’ll also share some great examples of gamification in practice.

Join us on August 15th and learn:

  • Why gamify your eLearning?
  • 10 gamification best practices
  • Six ways to incorporate elements of gamification regardless of your budget
  • Great examples of gamification in eLearning
  • Gamification resources to get you started

Meet Our Speaker!

Paula Yunker Managing Partner and Instructional Designer from Limestone LearningPaula Yunker, Managing Partner and Instructional Designer, Limestone Learning

With over 35 years of knowledge and experience in the field of adult education, Paula has provided innovative and relevant learning solutions for corporate clients, crown corporations and government agencies in a variety of industries. She is a member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD), the Elearning Guild and the Institute for Performance and Learning (IPL) and is a Kirkpatrick Certified Professional Bronze level and CTDP certified through the Institute of Performance and Learning (IPL).

She has worked as a L&D professional in a variety of settings over her career including contracted learning consultant, positions in corporate L&D senior management and for the past eight years as partner and co-owner at Limestone Learning Inc. She’s always curious, passionate about all things related to learning and development and looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with others.

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018
9 am PT | 12 pm EDT | 5 pm BST

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Master Class Series:
Moodle 3.5 Immersion – Engaging Users through Experience

About The Webinar:

With all the updates, bug fixes and patches Moodle provides, how do you stay on top of it all to get the most from your LMS? We’re here to help you keep your finger on the pulse! Join us for this upcoming Master Class session as we cover all the details related to the Moodle 3.5 major version release.

At its core, this new major release will improve your user experience which benefits both administrators and learners. We can help you maximize the features offered in Moodle by learning how to:

  • Use navigation improvements with Moodle’s Boost theme
  • Build User Tours to familiarize new users to pages, activities, and courses
  • Enable Global Search to save time and quickly access the right learning

About Master Classes:

Online Master Classes are a variety of LMS related topics in Design, Features & Functions, and Tech Talk. Each master class will be designed for a specific audience such as course developers, LMS Administrators, and even organizational IT staff.

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018
10 am PT | 1 pm EDT | 6 pm BST

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Live Webinar:
Using Net Promoter Score to Increase Course Engagement

About The Webinar:

A core activity of measuring how Learners engage with your course is measuring their reaction to it. A popular technique to measure customer experience is Net Promoter Score (NPS). Most organizations struggle to effectively structure an NPS survey, which overwhelms or makes it extraordinarily hard to use the data to make improvements.

We will explore best practices in creating NPS surveys, analyzing the data, and applying lean learning analytics techniques to use the feedback to continuously improve your courses.

In this session, you will learn about the following:

  • A deeper understanding of Net Promoter Score
  • How to use Net Promoter Score to measure reaction
  • How to ask the right questions to collect actionable feedback
  • How to use basic analytics to measure and communicate progress

Thursday, August 30th, 2018
9 am PT | 12 pm EDT | 5 pm BST

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