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LIVE Webinar: Recipe For Success: Chocolate, Engagement, Moodle

If you are a small business with limited financial and human resources, you can still deliver successful, engaging learning experiences for your employees or learning audience.

Pam Williams of Ecole Chocolat shares tips from 16 successful years delivering professional online chocolate education, just in time for Valentines Day!

Discover how Ecole Chocolat has achieved steady growth and success by providing engaging, interactive courses and chocolatier tutoring with the Moodle LMS, even if you’re no technology expert.

This webinar will explore how you can:

  • Easily create an online learning space
  • Provide engaging online courses
  • Effectively manage your courses & content


Thursday, February 14th, 2019
9am PT | Noon ET | 6pm BST

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LIVE Lambda Lab: Zoola Analytics: Creating Impactful Insights With Reports and Dashboards

The primary objective of Zoola Analytics is to give your stakeholders access to right data, when they need it and in the right format.  With Zoola you have the option to provide them with an ordered presentation of a detailed data (i.e. Reports) or a group of summary visualizations on one-screen (i.e. Dashboards). Zoola Analytics provides the option to create Reports or use the drag-and-drop designer to quickly create your own Dashboards.

During this session, our VP of Products, Stewart Rogers, will show you how to create your own reports and dashboards. We will highlight the different components including adding fields, setting filter, and sorting.

  • Understand the differences and different uses of Reports and Dashboards
  • Understand how to create and style Reports
  • Understand how to create and style Dashboards and add filters


Tuesday, February 19th, 2019
10am PT | 1pm ET | 7pm BST

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analytika lambda solutions moodle

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Utilizing a Next-Gen Learning Ecosystem in the Workplace

In today’s robust eLearning landscape, there are a multitude of different technologies, tools, and strategies that can help engage the modern learner. However, in order to ensure your learning platform can take advantage of the next-generation tools available, it’s important to consider the type of technology your platform uses.

As the workplace learning market continues to rapidly evolve, it’s important to build your employee training programs with longevity and interoperability in mind.

Join us on Wednesday, February 20th, at 12:00pm EST to learn how open-source learning platforms, like Moodle and Totara, not only make it incredibly easy to integrate innovative eLearning tools and strategies for an enhanced learning experience but allow you to future-proof your LMS investment for years to come.

During the session, you will learn:

  • About the latest eLearning trends, tools, and strategies to consider when building an engaging and future-proof training program
  • How open-source platforms can be optimized to inspire a culture of learning in the workplace that aligns with business objectives
  • How open-source Moodle and Totara offer the flexibility, scale, and functionality to provide a scalable and interoperable learning platform

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019
9am PT | 12pm ET | 6pm BST

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Feel the beat with Bongo video assessment for Moodle or Totara

Soft skills are already a top priority for employers around the world, and thanks to rapid changes in technology and the workforce, the demand for them keeps growing. Soon, soft skills like collaboration, communication, and critical thinking will be core requirements in most industries—including those purely technical in nature.

There’s a glaring need, yet the soft skills gap keeps widening. It’s time to change the tune with Bongo!

Join us on Thursday, March 14th, at 2:30pm EST to learn how to use Video Assessments for soft skill development, including:

  • Experiential learning exercises
  • Personalized coaching and feedback
  • Self-assessment and peer review capabilities

Thursday, March 12th, 2019
11:30am PT | 2:30pm ET | 8pm BST

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