What A Data Governance Crisis Is And How To Avoid It

What A Data Governance Crisis Is And How To Avoid It

Blackboard's Timothy Hartfield defines a data governance crisis as the moment when individuals, working independently or on behalf of the organization, make use of...

The Best Browser-Based Developer Tools For Moodle, According To MoodleBites

New Zealand Moodle Partner HRDNZ is sharing another sample of one of their popular "MoodleBites" courses. This time, the course covers the tools available...
What LMS and e-Commerce Integration Really Means

What LMS and e-Commerce Integration Really Means

Many services for Moodle or other LMS tout the word "integration." By itself, it evokes the fusion of two systems into one, in which...

French Friday : Renforcer ses compétences / Strengthening competencies

Aujourd’hui j’aimerais vous faire découvrir des formations pour créer ou renforcer vos compétences techniques. Avez-vous besoin de créer un plugin spécifique pour votre Moodle ? Vous...

Build The Perfect MoodleMoot Talk Submission With Tips From ‘Moodle’s Carpenter’

Brett McCroary, an inspiring carpentry teacher who was one of MoodleMoot Australia 2016's highlights, shared some of his presentation and pedagogical sagacity in an...
Engage or Impact? Choosing Sides In The EdTech Business

Engage or Impact? On Choosing Sides As An EdTech Customer

EdTech companies tend to frame education around the theme of engagement. If you buy into this narrative, then the whole world of learning apps...

French Friday : Trucs et astuces de Juin / Tips & Tricks of July

Comme nous sommes le 1er vendredi du mois de Juillet C’est le bon jour pour partager quelques trucs et astuces avec vous. Aujourd’hui je suis...
How To Plug Outcomes From Interactive H5P Activities Into The Moodle Gradebook | Cómo Conectar Resultados de Actividades H5P en el Libro de Calificaciones Moodle

Cómo Conectar Resultados de Actividades H5P en el Libro de Calificaciones Moodle

Read this story in English. H5P ha recibido un abrazo abierto y cálido por parte de la comunidad global de educadores Moodle. Este podría ser...
The Learning Analytics Roadmap: SOLAR's Handbook Of Hard Theory [LAR Series #11]

The Learning Analytics Roadmap: SOLAR’s Handbook Of Hard Theory [LAR Series #11]

SOLAR, the Society for Learning Analytics Research, has released the first edition of its "Handbook of Learning Analytics." A 356-page volume, the handbook aims...
The Race Is On For The First Moodle Chatbot | La Carrera Hacia El Primer Chatbot De Moodle

The Race Is On For The First Moodle Chatbot

Little butlers living in a box at the bottom-right side of the Moodle window. Teachers, but students too, can ask the 'butlers' to remind...
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