Kaltura Video Moodle Plugin Family Upgraded, Unofficially


A development team at Yamaguchi University’s Media and Information Technology Center, in Japan, is upgrading its comprehensive, and unaffiliated Kaltura plugin family for Moodle. Surnamed “YU Kaltura,” they bring high-level integrations of media resources provided by the popular commercial video education platform to Moodle.

Video continues to increase in popularity in learning and academic settings. Even though it has not stacked up to the expectations of the most enthusiastic advocates, especially on engagement, however, research is ongoing. Refinement according to contexts, use cases and formats are still worth the educators’ time, according to surveys conducted by Kaltura.

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Yamaguchi University’s Kaltura family is made of 5 plugins, recently updated to bring compatibility up to Moodle 3.5.

  • YU Kaltura Media Local Libraries (local_yukaltura, required) powers the plugins by providing the necessary libraries and API connections.
  • YU Kaltura Media Package (mod_kalmediares, required) is the main gate between the Kaltura repository and the Moodle interface. It offers a two-way street, allowing upload to the Kaltura server and embedding media into Moodle pages and activities.
  • YU Kaltura Media Assignment (mod_kalmediaassign) offers complementary functionality to use media hosted by Kaltura as an activity. Teachers can enable it to request media as assignments and grade them.
  • YU Kaltura Media Gallery (local_yumymedia) gives advanced controls for media management and upload, including metadata editing and permission control.

Kaltura offers premium video solutions with Moodle integration with professional features. However, Kaltura is developed under an open source license allowing users to use a “Community Edition” for free to support media repositories on their own servers. The YU Kaltura plugin family can work on either solution. To date, it has been tested to be compatible with Moodle sites running PHP 5.3 and older, using the “Boost” theme.

Read “YU Kaltura Media Package User’s Guide” (PDF).

Check out Yamaguchi University’s Media and Information Technology Center at GitHub.■

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