Presentation: Snap Theme From MoodleRooms

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Earlier this year we reported about a new open source theme on the street called Snap from Moodlerooms. It has a very clean and open interface built on Bootstrap 3.0 and, as emphasized in the presentation below, the theme was designed and built for mobile experience first, with desktop and other options secondary.

You don’t need to be a MoodleRooms client to use this theme, you just have to be running Moodle 2.7 or better. The theme was designed to (from the presentation):

  • Focus the learner on the course content and reduce possible distractions in the user interface
  • Streamline workflows on all devices to give a consistent look and feel regardless of device
  • Provide consistency for users going from their webpage and learning site

Check out the presentation by Jason Hardin of MoodleRooms:

You can download the theme via GitHub here:

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