Presentation – Configurable Reports as a Learning Analytics Tool by Elizabeth Dalton #iMoot15


Elizabeth Dalton, the LMS admin in Granite State College United States has presented in the iMoot 2015 (#imoot15) about using the “Configurable Reports plugin as a learning analytics tool”.
Configurable reports plugin is a block maintained by Juan Leyva, and is a block to create custom reports without SQL knowledge by teachers and students.
According to the definition of Learning Analytics from Wikipedia: “Learning analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimising learning and the environments in which it occurs.
The presentation is a great watch for teachers and administrators who wants to dive deep into Moodle logs to analyze the student performance. She discussed about custom course level reports and site level reports which can be used to analyze the student persistence level.
You can watch the video recording of the presentation below or check out this direct link.

Elizabeth Dalton has also presented during the MoodleMoot US 2015 on the topic “Validating Learning Analytics to support student success” which you can access here in our previous coverage.
How you are generating reports from your Moodle site? How you are analyzing your students performance? Do let us know in the comments below.