Video: Gamify a Moodle Course in Under 20 Minutes by @teachwithmoodle


Frederic Nevers posted this video about a year ago and details how, with a standard Moodle 2.x installation you can add some game theory to your course(s). Frederic’s site documents a series of small experiments and his experiences with them at his blog (11 posts) as well which are all worth the read:

In the video Frederic defines the gamified course (use of “badges” and conditional release), highlights badge creation using labels within the course, completion tracking, orphaned activities, and other Moodle features that he leverages for a more engaging student experience. As you watch the video I think you’ll find that Frederic’s strategies are very straight forward as long as you’ve thought out your course sequence, use good naming conventions (to make organizing easier when using the large drop downs configuring release) and the requirements you want to create for the course experience.

Check it out at: