Selling Courses via Moodle? Have you checked out Course Merchant?


Disclaimer, I have no affiliation with Course Merchant. This info was gathered during a demo from their staff.  I do however have experience delivering courses from Moodle using the standard Paypal Enrollment PluginPOST UPDATE 1/14/14: note that the prices and monthly fees quoted herein do not seem to be applicable to Course Merchant any longer. Please contact them for a quote.

If you’re currently selling and delivering certificate courses or online programs via Moodle and using the Paypal enrollment plugin you probably have discovered some of the limitations:

  • users have to be authenticated first
  • sometimes notification emails aren’t sent
  • user registration can be muddied by email service providers
  • no nice way to do course bundles or coupons

If you’ve discovered these but are dealing with it, Course Merchant might be worth a look.  Course Merchant provides a full front end site that can plugin to your Moodle and manage your course catalog, shopping cart, checkout and enrollment process (still using Paypal if you want).  Their shopping cart/catalog system offers some pretty slick features that an online course provider might want:

  • enrollment duration with variable pricing
  • bundles and packages management
  • coupon codes and promotions
  • bulk purchasing discounts
  • multiple seat purchasing/licensing
  • great looking “front end” catalog to showcase courses

The cost is a few hundred dollars for setup and $50 per month (see post update above).  Not insignificant but not a huge amount if your supplemental income or livelihood is channeled through Moodle course delivery.  You can also check out some of Course Merchant’s clients to see the system in action:

And many more showcased on