Great Graphic showing the Growth of LMS usage and market share #Blackboard #Sakai #Instructure


Here’s a wicked cool graphic (and article) by Phil Hill (@PhilOnEdTech) of the Delta Initiative that puts down his thoughts on the changing landscape of Learning Management Systems and educational technology in higher education and a snap shot of market share growth overtime for the various players in the industry currently.  Smaller shops are growing very rapidly, according to the article, and stand to disrupt the status quo in the LMS Market.  These include both Instructure and perhaps a lesser known LoudCloud systems.

The graphic shows some interesting information, including the various origins of brand name learning management systems and their growth over time to 2010.  Nice to see Moodle’s overall growth and continued success.

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  1. These changes are being driven by (1.) User interface and (2.) Data storage & retreival.

    Obviously user interface isn’t as powerful for an institutional choice as inertia, but storage and retrieval is changing daily to the point that Hadoop may be old hat if Shannon’s bag of bits manages to arrive sometime soon. I don’t see corporate investment keeping up.

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