Check out the “Awesomebar” on the Decaf Theme for Moodle 2


Lei Zhang, an e-learning developer from University of Canterbury, has continued to improve the Decaf theme for Moodle 2.0 and have added persistent navigation as the “Awesomebar”.

Awesomebar, similar to the “Moodle bar” gives users an easy shortcut menu including

  • home,
  • profile
  • course administration (for teachers)
  • switch role
  • my profile settings
  • site administration (for admins)
  • and a settings search

Similar to the new WordPress administration blog (for logged in users only) this is a great time saver for jumping around your site while editing and managing Moodle.

To get the new theme for your Moodle 2.0 site you can download it from Lei Zhang’s Github:  Read more in the Moodle forums: