Moodle Bar

Lewis Carr, Moodle developer has contributed a great many projects to (including fixing many bugs and a developing a new My Moodle page)....

3 Things you Wish you Knew

There's a great conversation occurring at discussing the three things a Moodler should know.  The entire discussion can be found here: The original...

Customizing Moodle Themes

There's an interesting conversation occurring at* on the topic of Moodle themes ( discussion and Moodle group).  Though standard installs come with over...

New Plugin: Moderated Enrollment

Announced today a is a new enrollment method which allows editing teachers to approve/deny enrollment to prospective students once they've "applied". As a modification,...

New Plugin: OpenBiblio

Moodle Monthly hopes to cover all new plugins and modules released at, this is the first such coverage (but there will be more...

What Moodle Brings to the Table

Two great posts were made to a forum (note that's forums are password protected, though registration is free) recently by Sandy Pittendrigh.  The...

Redirect Moodle users to a help page (first login)

One barrier to using Moodle is that first time users often don't understand or recognize the interface (the learning curve can be steep).  To...

2.0 will restore 1.9 or older Moodle courses

It was previously released online that the road-map for Moodle2.0 (soon to be released in early 2010) would not support restoring courses from 1.9...

2.0 is coming early 2010

The pending release of Moodle2.0 is sure to excite Moodlers far and wide.  The feature set previewed in the forums and tracker at

Moodlerooms unviels their new “Joule”

Pardon the pun, but Moodlerooms (an official Moodle partner) recently unveiled their new Moodle extension, Joule through a presentation/webinar through Campus Technology ( According to...
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