Moodle 2.0 April Preview by @moodlefairy

Moodle HQ is still listing April 2010 for the release of Moodle 2.0 Beta (, so this will be a very big month for...

A guide to installing Moodle on #Windows Server with @Alex_pearce

Alex Pearce posted to his blog ( a white paper that covers the installation process of Moodle on a Windows Server. He says, Like me...

User Bank Account: Moodle Bucks!

Here's a novel idea from the forums ( that I wanted to share.  It was submitted originally by Wayne Carroll of New Zealand. The...

#Moodle4iPhone running on HTC G1 #android and Nokia n-97 #symbian

Carlos Kiyan shot us a quick email to let us know that the Moodle4iPhone web app has been at least briefly tested by the...

What is MoodleTouch for the #iPhone?

I had a chance to get the low-down from Ali Özgür ( about his new MoodleTouch app which will be fully released in the next...

mTouch (MoodleTouch) for #iPhone: Another Mobile App

"MTouch is the first and only native iPhone application for Moodle" according to their website:  This adds a little more competition to the quickly...

Offline Moodle: an answer to limited web access?

There's a new post over at the iLite blog:  It poses the question: what would offline Moodle access look like and is it...

@ITforALL goes for an alternate Mobile Moodle app (Mobile Learning Engine)

There's another mobile Moodle mod available and IT4ALL has it in place at their free professional development site (which runs the popular Moodle4Teachers program...

1-click Moodle shortcuts for #iphone #android @moodleman @ignatia @ckiyan

For Apple iPhone/iPod Touch: There's a quick new video that highlights the process of adding a new Moodle icon to an iPhone/iPod home screen for...

Moodle 4 #Android update with video! #moodle4iphone @ignatia

A new video was released over the weekend that shows the Moodle4iPhone site as rendered on an Android handset.  The video (unedited) runs a...
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