Thursday, February 23, 2017
From 3.0 to 3.2. How Moodle Changed In 2016

De 3.0 A 3.2. Cómo Cambió Moodle En 2016

Por Dasha Sokolova (Traducción: Cristian T. Duque) Es hora de mirar en retrospectiva lo que 2016 nos trajo. En cuanto a Moodle, el LMS superó varios...

Make 2017 Your Year Of Moodle Competency Frameworks

Like many standardization efforts of education, they should be approached with care, and even a dose of skepticism. But adopting them is critical if...

Merry Moodle 3.2 Year! It’s The Little Things (Upgraded in Moodle Activities)

While shiny features like "Boost", Competencies, LTI, or the dashing new media player took up our headlines, a lot of effort by true heroes who developed...

French Friday: UX Moodle

Je ne sais pas si vous avez déjà entendu parler d’UX ou d’eXpérience Utilisateurs ? C’est un processus de conception de produit utile, facile...
3.2.1 Go! January Updates For All Active Moodle Versions

3.2.1 Go! January Updates For All Active Moodle Versions

Moodle HQ, by way of Development Process Manager Marina Glancy, has announced the upcoming availability of the bimonthly minor or "second point" releases of...
moodle cache purge

Redeem Your Moodle Misdoings By Cache Purging

In desperate times, when all seems lost, all chance of transcendence gone, there is only one choice. No, you don't have to join my...

Merry Moodle 3.2 New Year! The New Graphs In Moodle Are More Than Decorations

A recent press release on, following the launch of Moodle 3.2, shares details on the new graphing capabilities in the core software. This...

Moodle HQ Reveals Details On The Moodle 3.2 Media Player

In this video, Moodle HQ Development Process Manager Cameron Ball gives us reasons why they decided to go with Video.js as the Moodle 3.2...

Powerful Media Player Video.js Comes With Moodle 3.2. It’s Pronounced “Video Yes!”

Video.js is an Open Source media framework that supports dozens of video, music and audio files. Beginning with Moodle 3.2, is also the default...

Messaging And Notifications In Moodle 3.2: To A Distributed Social Network?

If economic history rhymes, then the recent timeline of social web technologies is a frantic beat. As soon as a Facebook reaches massive scale,...
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