Auto-Scaling Moodle Architecture on Amazon Web Services (AWS) by @Mediaagility

This is posted architecture of a Moodle site running on auto-scaling Amazon Web Services (AWS) looks like it could be a way to manage...

Moodle Hosting on Amazon Cloud Services for $15/mo #Amazon #AWS

Bitnami recently released the instructions for setting up your own Moodle using Amazon Web Services, a scalable, cheap cloud hosting environment for websites and...

LocalHost: Installing Moodle 2.4 on Windows 7 with WampServer

I'm working on a bunch of projects at work that require I get down and dirty in Moodle: connecting to the mySQL database tables...

Ask Mr. Moodle: is Godaddy hosting good enough for a small Moodle?

Here's a question from a little while ago submitted to our quick "ask Mr. Moodle" survey: Is a godaddy shared hosting account sufficient enough...

Try Running Moodle on Amazon Web Services for Free

If you're interested in giving Moodle hosting on Amazon's cloud services a try, Jumpbox's Moodle hosting at AWS is free for 30 days. The...

New Vision “Will Change Everything” In Education, This Time From Dell

Dell joined the likes of IBM and Microsoft in showcasing what their proprietary tech could do for the future of learning. As related in...
What Is A Virtual Moodle Development Environment? | ¿Qué es un Entorno Virtual de Desarrollo Moodle?

What Is A Virtual Moodle Development Environment?

Disponible en Español. Imagine the most diverse team of Moodle designers, developers, and educators. They come from all walks of life. Now think about which...
vidyamantra congrea mobile moodle

VidyaMatra Launch Branded Moodle Apps And Virtual Classroom Congrea

It has been a big June for Moodle Partner VidyaMantra as they have recently announced the launch of two new exciting services: A Custom...

Happy Friday: Another Free Moodle Hosting site – FreeWebClass

FreeWebClass is a super simple signup/registration and installment of Moodle which you can get up and running in about 2 minutes.  Registration requires only...

MDL2: free hosted Moodle 2.0 (RC2) sites up for grabs

Gnomio, a free Moodle hosting site, is now also offering free Moodle 2.0 installations through  Sign-up is quick and easy and you can...
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