@Netspot’s innovation fund now accepting applications

A few months ago Netspot (Official Moodle Partner in Australia) announced the availability of $200,000 AUD to support elearning/Moodle in tertiary institutions in the...

A great Prezi about designing a better Moodle site and course

This Prezi created by Matthew Cannings highlights the various theme options, page configurations, menu navigation options and customizations that can be done to a...

New Book Breez Theme from www.99template.com @moodlethemes

A new theme (Book Breez) was released on Moodle.org in the theme database recently (follow @moodlethemes for more theme updates).  If you check out...

Release of NanoGong with Moodle 2 Integration

The following is an unchanged announcement from the Nanogong creators The NanoGong voice recording/playback applet with integrated Moodle functionality is a very popular extension of...

Import Canvas XML question exports to Moodle with this qtype plugin

If you're moving from any LMS to Moodle one of the challenges is converting any existing materials you have to usable formats for your...

Try Running Moodle on Amazon Web Services for Free

If you're interested in giving Moodle hosting on Amazon's cloud services a try, Jumpbox's Moodle hosting at AWS is free for 30 days. The...

Help Test a new Math Handwriting Recognition Tool from WIRIS

For the past few months, the team over at WIRIS has been working on a feature for math handwriting recognition and they are looking...
Moodle Tracker for 3.0

Update: Moodle 3.0 is almost here

I was just spending a few minutes checking out the Moodle Tracker for how things are progressing on Moodle 3.0. Happy news! It looks like...

French Friday: Moodle dans les nuages (MoodleCloud for Schools)

Savez-vous que Moodle vous offre un hébergement gratuit ? Le MoodleCloud ! https://moodlecloud.com/fr/ Vous avez seulement besoin d'un nom et d'un numéro de téléphone portable pour...

Aardvark Bootstrap Theme Released

One of my all time favorite themes is Aardvark by Shaun Daubney. Recently it's been updated to the Bootstrap framework for Moodle 2.5. The...
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