#iMoot2010 Keynote Recap – Martin Dougiamas

iMoot is off and running and hugely successful.  Yesterday Martin Dougiamas, Moodle founder and lead developer kicked it off with a keynote and overview...

French Friday: Moodle dans les nuages (MoodleCloud for Schools)

Savez-vous que Moodle vous offre un hébergement gratuit ? Le MoodleCloud ! https://moodlecloud.com/fr/ Vous avez seulement besoin d'un nom et d'un numéro de téléphone portable pour...

@DrChuck shows off the Moodle LTI Provider addon (Video)

This ~6 minute video by Charles Severance (@DrChuck) is showing off the Moodle 2+ LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) Provider that was recently created by...

Moodle 2.6.3, 2.5.6 and 2.4.10 have been released

While most of the focus has been on Moodle 2.7's release last week, minor releases for Moodle 2.6, 2.5 and 2.4 also became available...

Release of NanoGong with Moodle 2 Integration

The following is an unchanged announcement from the Nanogong creators The NanoGong voice recording/playback applet with integrated Moodle functionality is a very popular extension of...

Check Out BOARD: A Cool Grid Course Format For Moodle 3.0

Recently, Rodrigo Brandão released a new course format called BOARD in the Moodle database repository. It is only available for Moodle 3.0, but I thought...

Watch a Presentation highlighting Poodle for Moodle (Offline Portable Moodle)

Poodle for Moodle (Portable Moodle) is a desktop client which lets you host your own Moodle site right on your Windows computer.  It's very...

A new view for the teacher dashboard?

This is another great example of UX changes to Moodle that could have a lasting impact on usability and aesthetics.  Stuart Lamour of the...

@Moodlerooms sets the unveil date for joule 2

I just finished a move to Baltimore, MD to be closer to StraighterLine and my role as Course Director there.  It's a great city...

Enhancing training and onboarding through the use of Scoreboards and Point Systems in LMS

A guest post and White Paper (download as PDF) on why companies should adopt Action and Reward processes into their LMS by Paradiso Solutions,...
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