Greenwood Elementary embraces technology grows it’s online programs

Greenwood Elementary, a small school district in Wisconsin has embraced technology and enhanced tech-based learning while many schools cut their tech budgets.  It's great...

The Chat Console Block; A new chat for Moodle?

Here's a new Mod that's now available for Moodle 2 and 1.9 which provides an overlaid chat box for logged in users.  It works...

Lleva Moodle 3.3 en tu Bolsillo con Spoodle

Story available in English. Steve Grono, Diseñador de Aprendizajes para la Universidad de Nueva Inglaterra, en Australia, ha anunciado la más reciente actualización de Spoodle,...

1.9.9 Officially Released

Details at: Download it by visiting

What’s the #Blackboard Acquisition Mean for Moodle?

In the LMS world, there hasn't been bigger news lately than the acquisition of Blackboard by Providence Equity Partners this past July 1, 2011...

Essential Theme by @Moodleman released as a functional Beta (ready for a site near...

The Essential Theme made its debut at the 2013 iMoot this year and the theme is awesome. Clean, very sharp, all leveraging the Bootstrap...

Updated Entity Relationship Diagram for Moodle 2.8

Marcus Green has published an updated Relationship Diagram (ER) for Moodle 2.8 in the forums. This update includes additional relationships which were not previously...
Moodle Plugin Directory Dazzles The Moodleverse With Brand New UX

Moodle Plugin Directory Dazzles The Moodleverse With Brand New UX

Moodle would not be what it is today, if not for their plugins. In recognition of the Plugin Directory, Moodle HQ has launched a...

Introducing A free, Moodle Partner-backed hosting option

Great news on the free Moodle hosting front recently, HRDNZ, an official Moodle Partner in New Zealand has launched as a free and open Moodle...

Opinion – #Blackboard’s Moodle acquisition hopes?

have to wonder if the company isn't getting ready for some grand, expensive gesture.  Main rival Moodle would be too expensive and might...
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