Lleva Moodle 3.3 en tu Bolsillo con Spoodle

Story available in English. Steve Grono, Diseñador de Aprendizajes para la Universidad de Nueva Inglaterra, en Australia, ha anunciado la más reciente actualización de Spoodle,...
The Latest Updates To Premium Moodle Theme 'RemUI'

The Latest Updates To Premium Moodle Theme ‘RemUI’

"One-stop LMS shop" Edwiser is announcing updates to RemUI, its responsive and customizable Moodle theme, promptly following new developments from last April. RemUI has kept...

Complemento de Conferencias Web en Moodle BigBlueButton Actualizado

Read this story in English. BigBlueButton, compañía detrás de los populares Complementos de videoconferencia y grabación para Moodle con el mismo nombre, ha anunciado el...

Get Ready For The End-Of-Year Sprint With The Plugins In Our Moodle Plugin Roundup

We're approaching the middle of the year and as we start to gather our progress about our goals and plan for the high climbing,...

Collapsed Topics Plugin Ready For Moodle 3.3

Before Moodle 3.3 dazzled us all with the new Course Overview, plenty of community resources went into devising strategies to make the welcoming dashboard...

Give Students Language Learning Feedback Down To The Syllable With This Moodle Plugin

The SpeechAce plugin for Moodle is a language learning teaching and assessment tool that identifies specific issues in the pronunciation of each individual student....
All MoodleCloud Sites, Now With Moodle 3.3

All MoodleCloud Sites, Now With Moodle 3.3

The decisive step forward towards the more relevant and timely experience that is Moodle 3.3 is now available for MoodleCloud users across all tiers, according...
H5P Is Officially A Moodleverse Member, Welcome Ceremony In MoodleMoot Netherlands | H5P, Cada Vez Más Integrado a Moodle

H5P, Cada Vez Más Integrado a Moodle

Story available in English. La última edición de la conferencia Moodle en Holanda, más conocida como Ned-Moove, confirmó la integración de la solución abierta para contenidos interactivos basada...

Check Out Mootivated, A New Concept In Moodle Gamification

Mootivated adds a gamification layer on top of a Moodle Site. It consists of a mobile app that provides virtual rewards to students in the...

Moodle Conferencing Plugin BigBlueButton Updated [UPDATED]

Corrections made on June 6th. BigBlueButton, the company behind the Moodle plugins for video and audio conferencing and recording of the same name, announced the...
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