Moodle Desktop Spawns To Windows, macOS and Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian Linux

Moodle Desktop Spawns To Windows, macOS, and Linux’s Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian

An official release at, following Moodle HQ's mobile lead Juan Leyva announcement at the Moodle forums, confirms that Moodle Desktop, a native, browser-free...
Learning Design Insight At Work In This 4 World-Class Moodle Themes Update

Learning Design Insight At Work In This 4 World-Class Moodle Themes Update

The fellowship within the Moodle community of theme designers, developers, and (most often the case) designers who are also developers, is a friendly and...
Moodle Mobile 3.3.1 Out Further Into Lithuanian, Serbian, Multimedia and Offline Zones

Moodle Mobile 3.3.1 Out, Further Into Lithuanian, Serbian, Multimedia, and Offline Zones

Moodle Mobile 3.3.1 is officially launched, with no extra features but several improvements to make for a more widely accessible experience for users. The major...

Esta es la Fuente que Hace la Accesibilidad de Moodle tan ‘Awesome’

This Story in English. Para aquellos que disfrutan de los pequeños detalles que los diseñadores de interfaces añaden con esmero, la versión de Moodle 3.3...
Go 3-D, MindMap Moodle, A Super Gradebook And More: Moodle Plugin Roundup 八月 | Modelos 3-D, Cursos en Vista de Mapa Mental y Mucho Más: Resumen de Complementos Moodle del Mes

Go 3-D, MindMap Moodle, A Super Gradebook, And More: Moodle Plugin Roundup 八月

We'd like to thank the developers mentioned below for letting us know about exciting updates to their plugins, which the Moodleverse can now enjoy...

Build Your Moodle 3.3 Course By Grabbing And Pulling With File Drag-and-Drop

Part of the push for a more intuitive interface, file drag-and-drop is now enabled in any Moodle 3.3. course page. All it takes is...

K-12 Moodle Theme ‘Fordson’ Adds Hover Effect On Course Display, More Goodies

Just out of the "hands-on" MoodleMoot Dearborn, the team behind open source development at this Michigan school district has released updates to the "Fordson"...

‘Motrain’, Virtual Coin-Based Corporate Learning Motivation App For Moodle

The minds behind Mootivated, the mobile app-based take on Moodle gamification, are debuting Motrain, a similar concept catering to the corporate sphere. Like its...
Latest Features Of PoodLL, Moodle's Beloved Pet For Audio Recording

Latest Features Of PoodLL, Moodle’s Beloved Pet For A/V Recording

The PoodLL brand name is a family of Moodle plugins, all focused on bringing the capability to record and share audio and video inside...
This Plugins Lets You Run Active Time Contests In Moodle

This Plugins Lets You Run Active Time Contests In Moodle

The Course Dedication plugin, created by Aday Talavera, gives you an estimate of the time each student has been active in Moodle. It works by keeping...
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