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French Friday : Moodle 3.3

Je ne sais pas pour vous mais moi je suis excité par l’arrivée de la dernière version de Moodle : 3.3 alors aujourd’hui je vais...
The 5 Things Teachers Must Do The First Time They Create A Moodle Course | Las 5 Cosas Que Debes Hacer La Primera Vez Que Creas Un Curso En Moodle

The 5 Things Teachers Must Do The First Time They Create A Moodle Course

Disponible en Español. Getting your workflow ready is a matter of continuous practice, but a cheat-sheet can help you get into a groove more quickly....
Get Started With Project Management Scopes With This Moodle Serious Game

Aprende A Dominar Alcances En Gestión De Proyectos Con Este ‘Juego Serio’ En Moodle

This story is available in English. Burgeon Palms es una consultora de desempeño, talento humano y desarrollo de carreras profesionales. Se precia de ser “aborigen”...
Borrow This Thorough NSF-Funded Moodle On Moodle Course

Download This Moodle Course On Using Moodle

Disponible también en Español. Thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation, the ATEP (Advanced Technology & Education Park), satellite campus of the California...

French Friday : Engagez vos apprenants sur mobile / Engage your learners on mobile

Le trafic Internet mondial est accessible via des appareils mobiles. Nous utilisons tous nos appareils mobiles pour accéder à Internet pour tout ce que...
Value Online Language Learning By Arab Academy

Value Online Language Learning By Arab Academy

Learning a language has become dramatically easier in the age of the internet. Aspiring polyglots no longer have to endure in-class instruction or travel abroad to...

French Friday : Les visites guidées / User Tours

Aujourd’hui j'aimerais vous parler d’un truc vraiment génial qui est livré avec Moodle 3.2 : les visites guidées ! Les administrateurs peuvent créer des...

RTR Digital Offers Free Moodle 3.0 Training For All-Around Moodlers

8 self-paced crash courses by RTR are available at any time from the rtrlearning.com Moodle site. Split into two groups, "Navigating the Interface" and "Managing...
Free Moodle 3.0 Topic Courses Courtesy Of RTR Learning

Free Moodle 3.0 Courses Courtesy Of RTR Learning

From the Moodle Hub we found a "Managing Users in Moodle 3.0" course, developed, sensibly, in Moodle. It is part of a series of...
Let's Show Our Gratitude For A Free Moodle Gradebook Ebook By Signing Up For A Free Month Of PacktLib

Get Free Moodle Ebook Giveaways And Sign Up For A Free Month Of Mapt

Mapt is Packt Publishing's equivalent of a streaming service for educational books and media. Thousands of items, selected for the relevance of skills they provide,...
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