Thursday, February 23, 2017


This section, sponsored by MoodleRooms, the open source learning experience by Blackboard, contains posts relevant to Moodle users who are primarily Learners.

Value Online Language Learning By Arab Academy

Value Online Language Learning By Arab Academy

Learning a language has become dramatically easier in the age of the internet. Aspiring polyglots no longer have to endure in-class instruction or travel abroad to...

French Friday : Les visites guidées / User Tours

Aujourd’hui j'aimerais vous parler d’un truc vraiment génial qui est livré avec Moodle 3.2 : les visites guidées ! Les administrateurs peuvent créer des...

RTR Digital Offers Free Moodle 3.0 Training For All-Around Moodlers

8 self-paced crash courses by RTR are available at any time from the Moodle site. Split into two groups, "Navigating the Interface" and "Managing...
Free Moodle 3.0 Topic Courses Courtesy Of RTR Learning

Free Moodle 3.0 Courses Courtesy Of RTR Learning

From the Moodle Hub we found a "Managing Users in Moodle 3.0" course, developed, sensibly, in Moodle. It is part of a series of...
Let's Show Our Gratitude For A Free Moodle Gradebook Ebook By Signing Up For A Free Month Of PacktLib

Get Free Moodle Ebook Giveaways And Sign Up For A Free Month Of Mapt

Mapt is Packt Publishing's equivalent of a streaming service for educational books and media. Thousands of items, selected for the relevance of skills they provide,...
moodle student 3.1 updates

New Features Designed For Students In Moodle 3.1

There is so much to keep up with from the organizational / teacher / administrative / Moodlepreneur angles in the Moodle world that I'm...
mootieuk16 videos

Moodle Gold: 31 Video Playlist From MoodleMoot Ireland & UK 2016

Moodle HQ has recently published a video playlist that features 31 videos from the MoodleMoot Ireland & UK 2016 (#mootieuk16). There is everything from...
moodle developer meeting may 2016

The Next Moodle Developer Meeting Is Happening At 7 UTC

The next Moodle developer meeting will be happening in just a few hours, and you're welcome to take part. If you'd like to follow...

French Friday: Entretien avec le chef de projet du LearnMoodle Fr

Aujourd'hui je vous propose un entretien le chef de projet du MOOC LearnMoodle en français qui se termine dans une semaine. ''Bonjour Michel tu...
Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara moodle

Learn How UAG Has Improved Academic Processes With Moodle

E-Learn Magazine (a product of Moodlerooms) just posted a great article on how the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara has used Moodle since 2006 to...
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