This section, sponsored by MoodleRooms, the open source learning experience by Blackboard, contains posts relevant to Moodle users who are primarily Instructors.

Sign Up For Udemy's Engaging, Interactive Moodle Course Building, 70% Off

Sign Up For Udemy’s Engaging, Interactive Moodle Course Building, 70% Off

English VLE (Virtual Learning Environments) expert Ben Audsley has launched Building an Engaging, Interactive Course with Moodle 3+ on the Udemy platform. And for a...
The Learning Analytics Roadmap: Comparing Paths And 'Completing The Loop' [LAR Series #8]

The Learning Analytics Roadmap: Comparing Paths And ‘Completing The Loop’ [LAR Series #8]

Our series on The Learning Analytics Roadmap endeavors to provide a set of practical thinking posts to help you start an analytics-based practice. While analytics are...
A Recap Of Moodleposium, The Moodle Summit To End 2016

A Recap Of Moodleposium, The Final Moodle Summit Of 2016

Monday, December 5th For many days before the hype on social media was real, and the event did not disappoint. It started on one of those "magical" Canberra...
Merry Moodle 3.2 Holidays! 3.2 EdTech Teacher Use Cases

Merry Moodle 3.2 New Year! 3.2 EdTech Teacher Use Cases

Consider a User Case as a set of interactions between a user, with a defined role, and a system used to complete a goal....
Your Students Deserve December’s Moodle 3.2. Here’s Why

Here’s Why Your Students Deserve Moodle 3.2

I was fascinated when a friend of mine told me about her experience as a young student at a Montessori school. As an award...

French Friday: MoodleBox

Je ne sais pas si il vous ai déjà arrivé de ne pas pouvoir utiliser Moodle avec vos apprenants pour des problèmes d’accès à...
Perspectives On Upgrading To Moodle Vol. 3.2, December, Teachers Edition

Upgrading To Moodle 3.2: Teachers Edition

The recent release of Moodle 3.2 has updates, upgrades and refreshes that are applicable to everyone in the learning community. However, there are a few aspects...

French Friday : Les visites guidées / User Tours

Aujourd’hui j'aimerais vous parler d’un truc vraiment génial qui est livré avec Moodle 3.2 : les visites guidées ! Les administrateurs peuvent créer des...

Herding Faculty Into Good Moodle Practice. Stephen Dann At MoodleMoot Australia 2016

Stephen Dann thought teaching students had its fair share of hardships. Then he had to teach teachers. At the recent AU Moot, Dann shares his...
Think For All Your OER Needs

Think For All Your OER Needs

Canada's Commonwealth of Learning, an initiative of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, is releasing, a forum with the goal to set you...
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