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“Creative Uses of Moodle Modules” Presentation by @paula_teach

@mariamoodle shared a great presentation on the web recently that was authored by Paula Clough out in Tempe, Arizona.  The presentation (at 51 slides)...

“How we implemented Moodle” Part 4 – Rollout @moodlerific

Part 4 - Rollout In this post I will be discussing how we put Moodle into the hands of our staff. Who will have access?...

#moodle4iphone official update & call to action (Testers Wanted) @moodleman

Julian Ridden posted an official update for the Moodle4iPhone project today at and Firstly, a big thank you to everyone for the kind...

Moodle Coding Sprint Update #php @moodlehelen

Just in case you're down for the developer's sprint this coming weekend (March 20th and 21st), join the discussion about it (and pledge... seeks developers for a “coding sprint” #php's community manager, Helen Foster posted a plea for developers to step up and code this coming weekend in the first ever Moodle 2.0...

Mobile Moodle for #Android? (PICS)

Though the official Moodle4iPhone site is working to produce an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, some progress is being made on the...

Be a #Moodle4iPhone tester – sign up by 3/19

The Moodle4iPhone team is seeking testers for its mobile application implementation at  By registering on the site by Friday March 19th you'll be part...

Moodle 2.0 DELAYED

According to the updated Roadmap on The timetable is designed to deliver Moodle 2.0 in time for the new school year in the northern...

New #moodle4iphone commercial

Here's a quick (48 seconds) new video from the moodle4iphone team (

How about a little Moodle Mayhem? @mguhlin

Miguel Guhlin (@mguhlin), a Texas based technology director recently started an online site and listserv for Moodlers titled "Moodle Mayhem".  Though targeted to TX-based...
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