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From Getting Started for Teachers

It's back to school week!  Here's another great guide for teachers just starting out with Moodle. is the ultimate resource for learning Moodle, there's...

In honor of Earth Day, Vermont College Pushes Moodle as a way to go...

Castleton State College in my home state of Vermont published an article in the student newspaper yesterday (on Earth Day) highlighting the school's efforts...

Moodlebook = Facebooky theme for Moodle 2.2+

Julian Ridden (@Moodleman) has just updated/released his new "Facebook" theme for Moodle which is based on the core Decaf theme by Lei Zhang.  The theme mimics...

Solving Moodle’s Edit Mode Clutter (autohiding of editing icons) by @markdw86

Mark Ward (@markdw86)was inspired by a post at which was posing Google Docs as a great benchmark for always on, non-cluttered editing (try making a...

Moodleriffic Moodle Meet Potluck event (course showcase) 9/17

A new event was recently posted at MoodleMeet (  The event runs from September 17th through 24th and is put on by CEET (Community...
group choice plugin

Let Students Choose With The Group Choice Plugin

No one wants to be the last person picked for the sports team. And, sometimes, while learning to work with a diverse group is...
Momentum Learning: Its Outrageous Claims, And How To Try It In Moodle Immediately

Momentum Learning: Its Outrageous Claims And How To Try It Out In Moodle Immediately

What is it? Momentum Learning defines a practice (for some, a philosophy) of pedagogy wherein the focus is, above all else, maintaining a steady pace...

@kristianstill and @cragman69 provide a recap of day 2 at #mootuk10

This post was provided by Kristian Still and Craig Sumner, two guest writers on location at the 2010 Moodle Moot UK atULCC.  Their notes...

Installing an add-on into Moodle 2.5 (2 minute video by @ghenrick)

This 2 minute video shows the new Wordpress-like feature that allows you to install add-ons in Moodle without access to FTP or the file...

Recording Webcam Video as feedback in the Moodle Assignment activity

Ever wanted to give a video feedback on a student's Moodle assignment? Well now you can do that directly inside Moodle itself. I used Kevin...
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