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New Fresh Squeezed Moodle 2 theme: “Mandarin” by @3rdwave_media

Here's a very orange-y theme by 3rd Wave Media (@3rdwave_media) a design firm located in the UK.  The theme is free to download and looks...

MoodlEZ for iPad now available in the #AppStore

MoodlEZ, a new app for the iPad which provides file upload/management capabilities is now available in the Apple App Store for $2.99.  The app...
Fresh From The EdTech Labs, Ready For Your Moodle Practice: MoodleNews Insights Vol. 2

Fresh From The EdTech Labs, Ready For Your Moodle Practice: MoodleNews Insights Vol. 2

Our second "review of reviews" is here. Whether they show outstanding evidence, or the need for further research, we trust they at least pick...
moodle mobile 2.8 release

Check Out Moodle Mobile 2.8

Moodle has released Moodle Mobile version 2.8 to the community and, as usual there are a few juicy improvements that are important for everyone. The most important...

Miguel’s Moodle Habitudes

Miguel Guhlin is the Director of Instructional Technology Services at San Antonio ISD in Texas (since 2002).  He's well known in the Moodle community,...

Moodle Man to the Rescue! (North Dakota Students liken Moodle users to Super Heros) in North Dakota has a short news piece about a local high school video course which is creating some original Moodle training videos....

A little information on the “More Theme”

This summer Clean will become the default theme for Moodle but it will ship with an additional theme from Moodle HQ: More Theme. More...

Moodle once more participates in Google Summer of Code #GSOC2015

For the 9th year Moodle is participating in the Google Summer of Code which is a community effort designed to connect student coders with...
cpr moodle training

What Do Moodle And Lifeguards Have In Common? Check Out This Example

This post was contributed by Megan Pope. A few days ago, on February 2, Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog did not see his shadow. Per tradition:...

eyeOs and Moodle, Optimized for #ChromeOS?

Imagine this scenario: you start-up any computer with internet, login into your Education portal and voila, easy 2-click authentication to Moodle and instant access to your...
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