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This Plugin Gives Moodle Blocks A New Home

Este Complemento De Moodle Dará Refugio A Tus Bloques

This story is also available in English. David Mudrák es uno de los tantos colaboradores para la Casa Matriz de Moodle que disfrutan contribuyendo a...

Great collection of Moodle resources by @Francesblo

Here's a great set of resources, including sample courses, videos, blogs, books and step-by-step tutorials from Fran Lo (@Francesblo).  It's not necessarily an exhaustive...

Back to School: Tips for getting started

My guess is that the majority of Moodlers this term are falling into two camps: previous users setting up existing courses for the term...

SUCCESS: Youtube Anywhere for Moodle 100% funded!

THANK YOU to the 19 fine Moodlers who've contributed to the project.  I am very excited and gladdened by the response to the...

iMoot2010 registrations are now open

The first ever virtual Moot (iMoot 2010) has opened registrations today (January 15th, 2010). Registration for the event is $45 AUS and entitles you to...
India Moodle Moot 2016

Check Out This First Hand Account Of The 2016 India Moodle Moot

Ravi Murugesan was both a presenter and participant at the India Moodle Moot last week in New Delhi. Because it was a one-day event, he took...

Computational Intelligence course from the MOOCH

If you're interested in teaching (or learning about) Computational Intelligence and artificial intelligence then a course backup just hit the MOOCH with your name...

Plugin: Full Screen for Atto

Atto's slowly been gaining functionality through plugins released at The newest plugin provides a familiar fullscreen option to help with editing a lot...

MoodleMayhem: A growing community of helpful Moodlers

MoodleMayhem has only been active since March but already has established itself as one of the best resource communities outside of  Miguel Guhlin...
Check out this Slack-Moodle Plugin Experiment

Check out this Slack-Moodle Plugin Experiment

If your Moodle course development team uses the Slack productivity app, you may want to follow the work of Mike Churchward from POET. Churchward...
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