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Enhancing training and onboarding through the use of Scoreboards and Point Systems in LMS

A guest post and White Paper (download as PDF) on why companies should adopt Action and Reward processes into their LMS by Paradiso Solutions,...

22 Awesome Moodle Site Themes

When I mentioned doing a follow up to the top 5 Moodle sites post from 2010 and provided a place to enter a URL...

Happy Friday: my top 5 favorite Moodle sites

I've seen a lot of Moodles.  I can't resist a new Moodle link, to see the theme, the apparent activity on the front page...

Easily Customizing your Moodle’s Login Screen

On Moodle Monday this week Tim Dalton gave a great tip about customizing your Moodle's login page.  In this post we're going to take...

Free Moodle Sites

Over the last few years there has been a multifaceted effort to provide the software available as a download from as a hosted,...

Adding CSS to modify your theme in Moodle (through the Administration settings)

Here's a handy video by Andrew Johnson which highlights the process of editing your standard Moodle theme with CSS which will allow you to...

Creating Custom Menus in Moodle

If you're using a theme with custom menu enabled it's really simple to add some short cuts and links for navigating around the site....
blackboard official moodle partner

Blackboard Is Now An Official Moodle Partner

Over the last few years, Blackboard has slowly cobbled together - through both acquisitions and growth - the largest Moodle Partner company. Until today,...

Video: How to Change File Size Upload Limits in your Course

If you've ever been working with a file and it was too large to share with your students in your course, within limits you...
hp5 moodle

Want To Create Interactive Moodle Content?

Recently there was, what could have been, a fairly benign thread posted on the Moodle forums about how to create more interactive lessons. JP,...
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