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INTRODUCING: Lo Mejor De MoodleNews En Español

Para Español, haz clic aquí. We are happy to present our Best of MoodleNews in Spanish, "Lo Mejor de MoodleNews en Español" section. Every week,...
MoodleNews Year In Review: Our 10 Most Viewed Articles (So Far)

MoodleNews Year In Review: Our 10 Most Viewed Articles (So Far)

It is that time of the year again. If you are new to Moodle, or MoodleNews, catch up with our end-of-year rankings. We begin with...

French Friday : Un cours comme outil externe / A course as an external...

Peut être avez-vous déjà testé la version 3.1 de Moodle ? Il y a de nombreuse nouvelles fonctionnalités toutes plus utiles les unes que les...

Adaptable Moodle Theme Released

A new theme "Adaptable" has been released to the Moodle.Org plugins directory, well almost new, it is actually a fork of the popular BCU...
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