ORANGE ALERT: Update Moodle Now To Protect Your Site From This Serious Vulnerability

ORANGE ALERT: Update Moodle Now To Protect Your Site From This Serious Vulnerability

IT vulnerability researcher Netanel Rubin has detailed a critical loophole in Moodle that would let a hacker execute malicious code on behalf of the...
Project Inspire, Next Generation Analytics, Will Consolidate Our Moodle Living

Get Onboard Project Inspire And Contribute To Next Generation Moodle Analytics

Project Inspire is live. Touted at MoodleMoot Australia in 2016, Project Inspire is an effort to predict learner success by taking advantage of the...

French Friday : Google Summer of Code 2017

Connaissez-vous le Google Summer of Code (GSoC) ? Non ? Alors laissez-moi vous en parler un petit peu aujourd’hui. Le Google Summer of Code est un...

On Revenue Models For Moodle Plugins And The ‘Commercial’ Badge Proposal

Disponible en Español. The voluntary contributions from thousands of Moodlers around the world has been instrumental in making Moodle what it is today. But the vast...

Help Us Make Sense Of The Moodle MOOC Students Dataset

To the delight of expert, beginner and enthusiast data wranglers in the wild, Moodle Research has released the “Learn Moodle August 2016” anonymized data...
moodle research

French Friday : Moodle Research

Connaissez-vous le site Moodle Research ? Non, alors laissez-moi vous en toucher un mot ;-) Il s'agit d'une collection de publications de recherche en relation...
Moodle Office Integration: Pawn Sacrifice At The LMS Chessboard?

Moodle Office Integration: Pawn Sacrifice At The LMS Chessboard?

A young (and ongoing) discussion on Microsoft Office integration within Moodle, taking place on the Moodle Forums, is starting to look like a new instance of...

Moodle Central: The Moodle 3.2 Dashboard As Social Learning News Feed?

It seemed a somewhat outlandish idea at the time, but after the warm reception of the news on how Moodle ―especially since the environment of...
Profile Of Founder and CEO of Moodle, 'Moodler', At

Check Out This Profile of @Moodler on @Forbes

Despite the visible advantages, many tech fields, including computer science, are forecasted by some to show talent gaps in years and decades to come....
The Future Of LMS

The Future Of Learning Management Systems

New technology has impacted few things as it has the ways we send and receive information, and subsequently, the ways in which we learn,...
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