Thursday, February 23, 2017


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French Friday: UX Moodle

Je ne sais pas si vous avez déjà entendu parler d’UX ou d’eXpérience Utilisateurs ? C’est un processus de conception de produit utile, facile...
WANTED: Moodle Developer At UCLA. World's Best Moodle Jobs This Week

WANTED: Moodle Developer At UCLA. World’s Best Moodle Jobs This Week

Moodle Developer, at UCLA The Office of Instructional Development (OID) of UCLA, is looking for a Moodle Developer to work on its Los Angeles offices....
Moodle Jobs: It's Open You Season. Be The Prey

Moodle Jobs: It’s Open “You” Season. Be The Prey

As summer sets in, companies begin to plan their hires up to the next summer. Academic and educational institutions in particular step up their...
Develop Moodle In France, Instruct In The US, Design In Australia_ The Hottest Moodle Jobs This Week

Develop Moodle In France, Instruct In The US, Design In Australia: The Hottest Moodle...

If they awarded Olympic medals for Moodle jobs of the week, they would probably rank like so: FULL-TIME EVENT BRONZE Customer Care Administrator/Technical Support from Stroud, UK Skills:...
moodle jobs 27 JUL 16

5 New Moodle Jobs To Move Your Career

The vibrancy of the Moodle community continues to be reflected in the jobs and career opportunities available. If you're looking for a move or...
moodle hq jobs

Want To Work At Moodle HQ? Two Hot HQ Jobs Are On The Street

We're pleased to relay six new Moodle opportunities that are on the table from around the globe. Two of these jobs are working directly with...
moodle jobs 28 JUN

8 More Moodle Jobs To Boost Your Career

We've been a bit distracted with the goings-on over at #MootUS16 to post the latest job opportunities for Moodlers. The good news is that...
moodle jobs 07 JUN 16

7 Fantastic New Moodle Job Opportunities To Move Your Career

We found seven new Moodle job opportunities for those Moodlers out there who are interested in moving their careers in a new direction, or...
moodle jobs 25 may 16

4 Hot Jobs To Ignite Your Moodle Career

Hey there Moodlers, this week we found four new hot jobs that are available right now for your to ignite your Moodle career. Once...
moodle jobs May 17 2016

Eight Hot New Moodle Jobs To Move Your Career

There are Moodle jobs everywhere! Check out these eight new Moodle-related positions now available across the globe, from California to Germany. Moodle Configuration support Contract Anywhere LMS Developer/Administrator...
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