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A 'Brexin' Of Educational Technology. MoodleMoot UK & Ireland London 2017

A ‘Brexin’ Of Educational Technology. MoodleMoot UK & Ireland London 2017

One of the unexpected blessings of Open Source technologies are their comparative resilience to global political turmoil. As long as there is enough connectivity, any teacher...
Plan Your EdTech World Tour With The MoodleMoot App

Plan Your 2017 EdTech World Tour With The MoodleMoot App

Moodle has upgraded the MoodleMoot app, a companion for the rainbow of destinations the official Moodle conferences offer year-long. MoodleMoots have become important regional, and...

French Friday : 2017

Laissez moi vous présenter tous mes meilleurs vœux pour cette nouvelle année 2017! Quelle vous apporte la santé, la réussite dans vos projets et...

French Friday : Happy Christmas

Aujourd’hui nous sommes le 23 décembre. Je vous souhaite de passer une très belle nuit de Noël et je vous propose de vous retrouver...

Learn To Teach With Moodle: The MOOC Returns

The best opportunity to join the Moodleverse, a digital community that fosters self-actualization for Open Source technologists/teachers, begins right out of the gate in 2017. Starting...

Reviewing The Case Of Corporations As Free LMS Providers And CS Education Promoters

A little over a month ago, Google launched their latest update to Course Builder, a barebones LMS that benefits from the giant's infrastructure and...
Apply To Work On Moodle In South America Full-Time For A Month, Expenses Paid

Apply To Work On Moodle In South America Full-Time For A Month, Expenses Paid

Hacker Paradise is an initiative where developers with a sense of adventure get to work on projects as they move from place to place. It...

The Learning Analytics Roadmap: The Dalton Plan. MoodleMoot Australia 2016 [LAR Series #6]

It takes years of deliberate experience not only to learn anything of value in a field, but to be able to put it in...

Moodle Creator Martin Dougiamas Shortlisted As 2017 Western Australian Of The Year

The Moodler shares a place of honor along Western Australian luminaries across fields and disciplines, in the finalists announcement for the award organized by the...

Focus On Feedback For Iterative Moodle Development With Rebecca Ritchie At MoodleMoot AU 2016

The increasing attention Moodle HQ has given to design began to reveal to attendees at MoodleMoot Australia 2016, which took place last September. A...
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