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Moodle UX Research In Phase II, Call For Power User Interviews Open Till 8-18

Moodle UX Research In Phase II, Call For Power User Interviews Open Till 8-18

After the successful response to the interactive activity about uses and preferences of the layout in admin panels, a release at officially opens...
Ask Mr. Moodle!

MoodleNews’ Mr. Moodle Is Back! Ask (About All Things Moodle) And You Shall Receive

In the early days of MoodleNews, founder Joe Thibault looked the other way while a mysterious savant in all things Moodle took over. He...

French Friday : Vos envies / Your wishes

Il y a quelques semaines, je vous ai proposé de répondre à quelques questions pour essayer de mieux connaître vos envies et donc améliorer...
Developers, Join The Exclusive 'Early Bird' Club, Ensure Moodle 3.3 Plugin Compatibility

Developers, Join The Exclusive ‘Early Bird’ Club, Ensure Moodle 3.3 Plugin Compatibility

One of the many time-honored and crowd-favorite traditions involving Moodle HQ and the Open Source development community, the "Early Bird" badge is being used...

Is The Moodle Activity Chooser Too Overwhelming? Join The Discussion

Activities are the heart of a Moodle course. From content to interactive resources to assessment exercises, Moodle is a powerhouse of activities. However, some, including...

Moodle 3.3 Wants Your Hands On It. Join The User QA Testing Now

To some of us Moodlers, the customary QA Testing invitation rouses our excitement, as it is the sign that a new Moodle is only...

French Friday : 1 an, déjà ! / 1 year already!

Bonjour, aujourd’hui cela fait un an que tous les vendredis vous êtes de plus en plus nombreux à lire le French Fiday de   Depuis...
Let Moodle Into Your Native Culture By Contributing To Translations

Let Moodle Into Your Native Culture By Contributing To Translations

A post on the blog features an interview with Koen Roggemans, Moodle HQ Volunteer Translation Coordinator. Moodle today offers regional versions for more than...

Essential in M3.2 and M3.3 Community Funding Update

Great news for Essential Theme users, Gareth Barnard's project is funded and well underway. So far Gareth has been hitting each of the tasks...
moodle research

French Friday : Moodle Research

Connaissez-vous le site Moodle Research ? Non, alors laissez-moi vous en toucher un mot ;-) Il s'agit d'une collection de publications de recherche en relation...
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