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Liberal Arts Hackers? Only In CLAMP's Summer Moodle Hack/Doc Fest

Liberal Arts Hackers? Only In CLAMP’s Summer Moodle Hack/Doc Fest

CLAMP, or the Collaborative Liberal Arts Moodle Project, gathers people from liberal arts colleges and universities in the United States, interested in creating an...

French Friday: MoodleBox

Je ne sais pas si il vous ai déjà arrivé de ne pas pouvoir utiliser Moodle avec vos apprenants pour des problèmes d’accès à...
Maintenance Releases For CLAMP's Moodle: Liberal Arts Edition, Available

Maintenance Releases Available For CLAMP’s Moodle: Liberal Arts Edition

No new features are included in any of the four updates to existing Moodle LAE, covering 2.7, 2.9, 3.0 and 3.1 and matching the...
CLAMP Updates Moodle: Liberal Arts Editions For Moodle 2.7.15, 2.9.7, 3.0.5, 3.1.1

CLAMP Updates Moodle: Liberal Arts Editions For Moodle 2.7.15, 2.9.7, 3.0.5, 3.1.1

Each LAE update corresponds to a version of Moodle in active development. The download links include the corresponding Moodle with LAE for one, straightforward...
Liberal Arts Editions For Moodle 3.0 And 3.1 Released

Liberal Arts Editions For Moodle 3.0 And 3.1 Released

Liberal Arts initiative for Moodle CLAMP released new versions of LAE. LAE is a Liberal Arts Edition for Moodle that includes customizations, plugins and bug fixes....
clamp new website

CLAMP Has Released Moodle LAE Versions 2.7.14, 2.8.12, 2.9.6, 3.0.4

In a recent blog post, CLAMP announced the release of Moodle Liberal Arts Edition (LAE) 2.7.14, 2.8.12, 2.9.6 and 3.0.4. Importantly, there are no new...

French Friday:

Aujourd'hui j'aimerais vous parler de C'est le site de partage de cours de Moodle, il s'appelait MOOCH avant ( Open Community Hub). Les cours...
fritz vandover treasurer moodle user association

Meet The New Treasurer Of The Moodle User Association: Fritz Vandover

The Moodle User Association Committee has been in full swing for the past few weeks to get the initial house in order to oversee the...
open book project moodle david jones

Sharing Moodle Books Through GitHub

David Jones, of the University of Queensland, started the Moodle Open Book Project in mid-2015 to enhance the Moodle Book Module so that it...
poet in apereo incubator

POET Has Joined The Apereo Foundation Incubation Program

Partners of Open Source Educational Technologies (POET) announced they have joined the Apereo Foundation Incubation Program. They have also tapped Mike Churchward (now-former CPO at Remote-Learner)...
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