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Another First: Gareth Barnard’s First Commercial Theme – Monopage

It is no secret that we (and, if we're honest much of the Moodle Community) are big fans of Gareth Barnard's work. He's been a...

My Own Moodle Guides and Presentation by Gareth Barnard

Gareth Barnard (@gjbarnard) recently shared 5 pdf's that support his "super session" from the 2014 titled My Own Moodle. The session highlights the process...

Bootstrap Based “Shoehorn” theme by Gareth Barnard in Beta

In addition to his Shoelace theme, another bootstrap-based responsive theme , Gareth Barnard recently released a new customizable theme called "Shoehorn". A major difference...

New Community Funding Project: Grid Format Improvements by Gareth Barnard

Gareth Barnard, maintainer of the Collapsed Topic/Week course format, Mutant Banjo theme and other popular Moodle addons is looking for community support of a...

Grid Format by Gareth Barnard gets keyboard controls for enhanced Accessibility

If you're a Grid Course Format enthusiast you'll be happy to hear that Gareth has been hard at work improving the format for accessibility....

Mutant Banjo: a Bootstrap-based theme with color and text picker by Gareth Barnard

This is a quick little video that showcases Gareth Barnard's new Bootstrap-based theme with color and text/font picker all built into the theme's administrative...

Check out this Course Formats presentation by Gareth Barnard

Here's one of the presentations from the iMoot this year that caught my eye. The presentation is now on Slideshare and you can peruse...

Collapsed Topics Plugin Ready For Moodle 3.3

Before Moodle 3.3 dazzled us all with the new Course Overview, plenty of community resources went into devising strategies to make the welcoming dashboard...
'Essential' Moodle Theme Now Available For Moodle 3.2

Top Ranking Moodle Theme ‘Essential’ Beta Ready For Moodle 3.2, 3.3

Long time Moodler Gareth Barnard is announcing the release of a beta version of "Essential" theme, the best ranked, favorited and most downloaded Moodle Theme...

Essential in M3.2 and M3.3 Community Funding Update

Great news for Essential Theme users, Gareth Barnard's project is funded and well underway. So far Gareth has been hitting each of the tasks...
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