DDMarker Question Type gets a wysiwyg makeover for easy creation


Marcus Green has posted a quick note about his changes to the OU DDMarker Question Type which allows a user to easily choose the coordinates on an image which ultimately is the area students will click to identify an answer (in the demonstration he shows how to setup a map question where students identify a specific geographic region/country).

It’s a handy question type if you’re looking to enhance your course assessments with images and figures that students will need to label or identify.

Mr. Green’s version of the qtype if available from his site: http://www.examulator.com/ddmarker/

Read his note about it here: https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=280409#p1208202

The flash video above is available at http://www.examulator.com/ddmarker/ddmarker4.swf

  • Thanks for highlighting this. I must have missed that update, and obviously we want to get that code into the main version of these question types.

  • Fantastic news and great work from the guys at the OU! think I’l be getting a lot more users to use this question type now!