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Monday October 5th 2015
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Comparison of Totara and Moodle (what’s the difference?)

To the lay person or average Moodle you might have heard of Totara but have no idea why/how it’s actually different than Moodle. While this was produced by a Totara LMS partner (Paradiso Solutions) and it was an interesting read to finally see some of the business and internal training focused features that would be available through a Totara implementation.

In short: Totara for business, Moodle for school.

Below is how the activities stack up (they offer the same suite)



The majority of differences are in hierarchy, assignment of courses, competencies, program management, reporting and a few other features that could improve your internal management of staff learning and development.

Check out the full PDF here: (which was linked from this Paradiso post:

Note: Both TotaraLMS and Paradiso Solutions (a Totara Partner) support Moodlenews. Other advertisers have also been designated as official Totara Partners (which is similar to, but wholly separate from the Moodle Partner network).

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  1. Andy Kirk says:

    You will find a more up to date comparison – actually a component diagram – detailing Moodle core features and Totara enhancements for Version 2.5 at

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