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Thursday October 8th 2015
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22 Awesome Moodle Site Themes

When I mentioned doing a follow up to the top 5 Moodle sites post from 2010 and provided a place to enter a URL for your Moodle sites I was expecting to get awed. With all of the amazing submissions though my expectations were definitely exceeded by the variety, look and feel, and design concepts that have been applied to sites worldwide. The sites I got to check out there represented over 6 languages and 4 continents. Aesthetically there were sites modeled on some older Moodle themes (but updated with a lot of class), sites based on the Essential and Aardvark themes, amazing color palettes, sites designed by Moodle Partners, some totally original designs (even a proprietary theme for sale), and some that took their inspiration from popular UX movements (think the Microsoft Metro Theme OS).

In any event, I think you’ll agree that there are some amazing Moodle sites out there. Here are a few of those submitted that I wanted to be sure to share (in alphabetical order by URL submitted).

It’s amazing what a Moodle site can look like today, get inspired. Look below the gallery for a list of each URL.

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11 Responses to “22 Awesome Moodle Site Themes”

  1. Joseph Thibault says:

    Good catch, I had fixed it to grab the screenshot but not on the list of URLS. Fixed now.

  2. Joseph Thibault says:

    Worth of the list, great looking site!

  3. […] weeks ago, Webanywhere entered a selection of Moodle themes to, to be considered for their shortlist of ‘awesome’ Moodle […]

  4. Mari- Cruz Garcia says:

    Hell Joseph,

    Thanks for the list.
    I think you have a broken link in the genesis theme

  5. Joseph Thibault says:

    Thanks, fixed!

  6. Mari- Cruz Garcia says:

    The Exeter college theme is not opened to the public.
    Why has it been included in the list and can you please specify the criteria for considering a theme ‘awosome?

    I personally value themes according the following criteria:
    -Lightweight code (fast, no fancy jquery stuff that can interfere with third parties plug-ins).
    -Responsive theme
    -Accessibility (colours contracts and screenreader options).
    -Clarity of the online design (easy to navigate and find esential information).

    I have a bad experience with the theme Essential and Turnitin, so the simpler the better

  7. Joseph Thibault says:

    Actually the set of themes were contributed by the community when I asked for their “awesome” themes. So the criteria was very loose. I was pleased the readers of Moodlenews submitted so many nice looking themes and were willing to share.

    Exeter is open, just login as guest to view the site.

  8. Gareth J Barnard says:

    RE: -Lightweight code (fast, no fancy jquery stuff that can interfere with third parties plug-ins).

    If all themes and plugins follow: – then there will be no conflicts and issues with third party plugins. If there is an issue then its up to the developer to rectify.

    Technical constraints should not stifle creativity or be used as a barrier.

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