Totara Code Available on Github


Disclosure: TotaraLMS is a supporter of the Moodlenews blog and newsletter.

If you’re interested in the Totara distro of Moodle, which is tailored for businesses and includes several additional features like reporting and learning plans (full Totara feature list is here: you can now download the code base at Moodle HQ’s github repository:

Totara’s business model is providing hosting contracts and services to Totara users so that they can concentrate on teaching and learning. However, now if you’re interested in a specific piece of Totara or just want to trial the code to compare it to standard Moodle you can do so (with a little technical expertise required).

Totara’s leadership have been involved with Moodle’s own development for years, one of the most recent contributions to the open source Moodle project is Badges


  • Jez

    Thanks for the pointer, I really like what I’ve seen of Totara and will definitely have a play with that.

    I hoped Catalyst would make a Git dump available as remote learner did with ELIS but am unsure why HQ did this and not Catalyst, and why HQ did this for Totara and not Joule or any of the other commercially oriented “distributions”?

  • Hi folks,

    Just a quick note that Totara will from now on be releasing the beta of each 6-monthly major release to the community as an (unsupported) open download, which will be known as Totara Seedlings.

    Totara Seedlings 2.6 is the beta of the main Totara 2.6.0 which will be released at the end of April 2014. It is based on Moodle 2.6 and contains all the Totara features and enhancements. It should be mostly fully functional though, as a beta, there may be bugs.

    Totara Seedlings 2.7 will be along in six months and will contain all the enhancements in Moodle 2.7, all the improvements to all the Totara functionality that will be in Totara 2.7, plus all the bug fixes and improvements from the supported version of Totara 2.6 in the interim.

    So anyone can now test-drive a Totara install with the very latest feature set, though of course if you want access to ticketed helpdesk support and our regular and frequent bug-fixing and improvement point-releases, then a support subscription is required.