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Monday October 5th 2015
Moodle just got better WIRIS: Maths for Education

The Moodle MOOC is coming in September

moodlemoocThere are only a few details about the September 2013 Moodle MOOC available and a teaser of a site:

Here’s what we do know:

  • The MOOC will be facilitated by Mary Cooch
  • It’s designed for new Moodlers
  • It’ll be 4 weeks and intensive (lots to learn)
  • It will be facilitated on 1 Moodle site and all students will get a sandbox classroom
  • Moodlers can expect to earn a badge, and
  • It’ll help lead towards a Moodle Course Creator Certificate

Sounds like a really excellent opportunity for teachers as they dip their toes into using Moodle (if only it happened a little earlier in the year so that teachers could hit the ground running for back to School in September).


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5 Responses to “The Moodle MOOC is coming in September”

  1. Abdellatif Bouhid says:

    Please notify me when moodle course starts in september. Thank you.

  2. Deepa George says:

    I look forward to the course.

  3. Clare Georgeson says:

    Sounds interesting. Please advise when in September the course starts? Thank you

  4. Clare Georgeson says:

    Sorry I have just seen the launch date and time

  5. Jason Cameron says:

    When they say that they are hosting Moodle with a variety of open-source tools, do they mention what? I would be interested to see if they use a caching software like Varnish or use the NginX Web Server rather than Apache.

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