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Saturday October 10th 2015
Moodle just got better WIRIS: Maths for Education

Teaching with Moodle 2: Training, collaboration and reflection online (Course for Download)

Here’s a free course from which you can use to help kick start your professional development.  The course is all about training teachers with Moodle 2 and was shared by Rebecca Barrington at South Devon College.

According to

An online course providing support and training for new features within Moodle 2 and how they can be used in teaching.  The course is designed to develop knowledge and understanding of features and to enable the sharing of ideas with other teachers on how these features can be applied to teaching and learning.  It uses the features of Moodle 2 that you will be learning about to get the experience as a learner and gain the knowledge required by the teacher. The course content is based on Moodle 2.2

The course includes a few dozen webpages, feedback, an assignment and more. Download the course at

Below is the course as displayed with the Cloudyday Theme.



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