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Friday October 9th 2015
Moodle just got better WIRIS: Maths for Education 2013 reboot coming to a browser near you

Martin Dougiamas posted this week that is getting an overhaul, including the theme, underlying infrastructure (up to 2.4) and house cleaning of it’s forums.  Some of that is already occurring by the community management at  Other changes expected by the end of the month are listed in this tracker item:

Moodle HQ has always been “eating it’s own dog food” and I think that the site represents one of the largest MOOCs (where C = community) focused on eLearning on the internet.

If you want to give 2.4 a go before it’s the default at go to the testing site


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3 Responses to “ 2013 reboot coming to a browser near you”

  1. Dan Poltawski says:

    To be clear has been running on version 2.4 since before the release (as with all Moodle releases) :)

  2. …and that clone site is not yet anything like how will look, it’s just a development area right now.

  3. Joseph Thibault says:

    sooo no sneak peek yet? I was kinda fond of the recent forum posts on the front page…

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