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Tuesday October 6th 2015
Moodle just got better WIRIS: Maths for Education

Open Badges progress update

The open badges project, launched by Mozilla, is coming to Moodle via TotaraLMS.  They’ve recently updated Moodle Docs with some great information about the project heading and have asked for comments in the forums as well.  Read the docs here: Check out the Forum here:

From a recent post by Simon Coggins,

At this stage we are really keen for comments on the proposed spec, both in terms of functionality and technical implementation.

We’ll flesh out the use cases with more detail once we’re happy we’re on the right track then start working on some of the implementation details.

A few details to keep in mind: badges will be used to signify various accomplishments (not grades) within Moodle and it’s other system integrations such as Mahara.  Various roles will have various Badge capabilities (i.e. teachers can create, students can display).  Badges are part of a much larger educational shift toward assessing knowledge in alternative ways.

Read up and stay tuned regarding this exciting project:

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2 Responses to “Open Badges progress update”

  1. Any idea on when we can get access to the code for Moodle Badges to install on our own site?

  2. Joseph Thibault says:

    Brian, I am not sure but I’m sure you can ask/find out during the upcoming developers meeting which is next week:

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