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Monday October 5th 2015
Moodle just got better WIRIS: Maths for Education

LTI presentation from the #MootIEUK12

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is definitely something you’ll want to have in your tool set if you’re managing a Moodle or any other Learning Management System.  This nascent tool is incredibly powerful and in my humble opinion is enabling a future that has long been sought: where users can sign on at one place yet access tools, resources and assessments across the web without any additional registration process.

Gavin Henrick (@ghenrick) has some great resources about it already and presented on the topic at this years Ireland/UK Moot.  Check out his lead in blog post at

His video (~10 minutes) showcases LTI being used between Moodle and WordPress (very cool) which opens all sorts of doors for WP/Moodle (Moopress?) integration.

Direct video link:

How to Moodle

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One Response to “LTI presentation from the #MootIEUK12”

  1. Gavin says:

    Glad you found the video/posts useful. LTI is really a game changer, standardising integrations enabling Moodle truely be a launchpad for more features.

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