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Monday October 5th 2015
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Gauging the risk of 3rd party Moodle Plugins

If you’re like me you have a test site that is solely used for testing modules and addons (lest anything were to go very bad when introducing some new code).  But aside from installing and testing it how do you know it’s safe to use on a production site with students? Aside from the number of downloads and the size of the community that’s talking about it at in the forums, you can also check with many of the Moodle Partners who share basic information about plugins that they’ve code reviewed for inclusion on their hosted systems for clients.

If you’re creating your own module and want it tested or are hesitant to use one of the newest modules published at, consider having the code reviewed through one of the options above.  Please note though that cost and time for a code review will vary by vendor/community resource.


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One Response to “Gauging the risk of 3rd party Moodle Plugins”

  1. Gavin says:

    Hey Joseph,

    I added a document with various criteria to help evaluation of plugins on the blog ->


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