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Friday March 27th 2015
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#iMoot recap: Miles Berry’s “Open Source beyond the Software” @mberry

This week I’ll be further digesting the sessions I attended at the 2nd annual iMoot and posting my thoughts here.  One of my favorite sessions was by Miles Berry (@mberry) of Roehampton University.

Miles’ presentation explored the non-computing applications of open source as they have manifested in curriculum building (collaborative), open educational resources and the growing repository of online educational sources, resources and collections which are available to teachers today.  He also discussed the impacts of such resources on students, teachers and institutions as they evolve to use and contribute to the public goods.

His conclusion was that open education can learn (and has learned) much from open source software and that every participant of the educational community stands to play an incredibly important role in the development of OER.  Just as the end-user of Moodle contributes (and should) to the community at or elsewhere by identifying bugs, testing, finding new uses, hacking, etc. the students and teachers closest to the content of open education can contribute to an ever evolving, ever improving educational standard through shared resources.

The presentation is available to view at but unfortunately does not contain more than a few sentences of text (but does have some great imagery). You can learn more about Mr. Berry’s thoughts on open education at his blog:

A collection of OER across the web...

You can view the presentation at or embedded below:

How to Moodle

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