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Wednesday October 7th 2015
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BigBlueButton releases activity module integration for Moodle 1.9 & 2.0

Please note that this release is for testing purposes only.

Just yesterday Blindside Networks released it’s integration module for both Moodle 1.9 and Moodle 2.0.  The beta integration is for the synchronous webinar tool for which they both created and provide commercial support: BigBlueButton.

This is a timely release in the wake of the recent acquisition of Wimba/Elluminate and the close sourcing of DimDim webinar tools which all had/have Moodle integrations.

There’s an excellent demo video which highlights the easy install, setup and use [].  Once installed the module creates a simple portal to BigBlueButton from Moodle, connecting students and teachers in one click to their live synchronous sessions.

For more information about the 1.9 and 2.0 activity integrations please visit

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9 Responses to “BigBlueButton releases activity module integration for Moodle 1.9 & 2.0”

  1. […] With Moodle integration now available (for versions 1.9 and 2.0), this solution was put forward as something that we might pilot as a proof of concept. The Division for Lifelong Learning are already trialling Elluminate so I’d be keen to hear how @jpodcaster thinks that the two compare. […]

  2. Frankie Kam says:

    I just got the integration of BigBlueButton installed on my Moodle site, i.e., How many Virtual Conference systems have nice guitar music playing in the background? It worked nicely on My Moodle 1.9.7 and I am pleased to say that I intend to use it for my classes. The desktop sharing part is however a weak point as you need a fast Internet line and the desktop mini screen displays a replica of the desktop but it is very pixellated as it builds up into the replica. On my PC, after closing the mini shared desktop, the window froze. Other than that hiccup, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Google Translate chat feature. I just spoke…er…typed and chatted with a native Brazillian. I believe that Google Translate did the work!!!! THUMBS UP FRED and the Guys at BigBlueButton! Open Source rulez!!! Frankie Kam, Malaysia.

  3. marc matthes says:

    I love what I see with the Big Blue button, is there a was to record the session for playback for students ?

  4. Joseph Thibault says:

    Marc, according to the feature list I do not see a record/playback as a current option: However according to the project roadmap ( it appears that it’s the most sought feature and will be added in the next version.

  5. […] feed. Or follow the Moodle News Twitter account. Thanks for visiting!Following on from the post on Moodlenews announcing the activity module for Big Blue Button we have had it installed and in testing for a […]

  6. Fred Dixon says:


    I’m one of the developers of BigBlueButton. I can give everyone here an update on the project.

    We’ve been working on adding record and playback to BigBlueButton 0.8, and we currently have BigBlueButton 0.8-beta-2 released. For more information see

    We have also been updating the integration of BigBlueButton with Moodle 2.0/2.1. We have released an updated plugin that supports record of sessions from within Moodle. See

    There is an overview view showing how to install and configure the recordings from within Moodle. See

    Finally, thanks to Moodle News for covering both BigBlueButton and our integration with Moodle!

    Regards,… Fred
    BigBlueButton Developer

  7. Joseph Thibault says:

    Fred, thanks for sharing. Great program…I’m happy to be trying it out now with

  8. Geoff Young says:

    We’ve made a couple of blog posts on BBB & Moodle on our Blended Learning practice at Wodonga TAFE blog.

    I hope these may be of some help-

    Geoff Young
    Team Leader, Learning Innovation
    Learning Innovation and Organisational Development
    Wodonga Institute of TAFE

  9. […] on from the post on Moodlenews announcing the activity module for Big Blue Button we have had it installed and in testing for a […]

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