200+ Algebra Questions in Moodle XML format for you to download from @mistermcintosh


Update: sadly on 8/13/13 the site domain expired so these questions are not available. 

Philip McIntosh, a “Learner-in-Chief” (@mistermcintosh) for Math has shared 3 sets of over 200 questions total at his blog for download: http://mistermcintoshsays.org/question-bank/.

The questions focus on Absolute Value, integers addition and subtraction.  If you’re a math teacher searching for some ready-made questions look no further.  If you’re looking for other math concepts then you might also connect with Mr. McIntosh to help convert and publish some of his 5000 other math quiz questions.

Read more and contact him at http://mistermcintoshsays.org/.


  • anand

    i need multiple question in moodle format to lern moodle.

  • Steve Ambrosini

    The system reports that your URL expired yesterday. I am looking for Moodle bank of quiz questions for elementary algebra to teach a remedial college course.
    Can you send it as an attachment?

  • Joseph Thibault

    unfortunately I did not download a copy…hopefully the site is renewed and back up soon.

  • ggg


    Thanks for the questions! They can be very helpful!

  • Stefan Weber

    It seems you can still find the questions on archive.org: