Happy Birthday @Moodlenews! (we’re one year old)


It’s been a short 12 months since I registered Moodlenews.com (originally it was Moodlemonthly and my main intention was a monthly journal) with the goal of aggregating and sharing all the great things I was reading and learning about Moodle LMS.  Since November 12th, 2009 I’ve changed jobs, moved, traveled (to California, Key West, Texas, Pittsburgh, Maryland/DC, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and a few other places) and have done my best to stay true to my original intent for Moodlenews.

Here are a few stats by the numbers:

Thank you for making it an awesome year.

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  • Sorry I missed the congrats on the day but it is with no lesser amount of thanks and best wishes to all your hard work over the last year.

    Moodlemonthly/Moodlenews is a great resource I often recommend to new and old-hand moodlers and I will gladly continue to do so in the future.

    Happy one, here is to many more!


  • Joseph Thibault

    Tomaz, thanks for the wishes and for helping spread the good word about Moodle. Glad that this little blog can be of benefit to the larger Moodle community.

  • melissa

    Oh no! I missed it too 🙁 ugh. Happy belated birthday… I can not believe it’s been a year..I have about 1/4th of a years worth of moodlenews posts to catch up with 🙂

  • Here’s wishing you at least a two-fold increase of everything in your list above in your second year.

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  • Joseph Thibault

    Dan, thanks for the wishes (I hope we can deliver on that growth). I think, in general, the release of Moodle 2.0 will be a boon for both the community and attention to Moodle worldwide. So it might just be a matter of riding that wave 🙂

  • Hi Joseph,

    Happy Birthday to you and Moodle News! I love the articles. How could I just discover this wonderful site after a whole year? I guess I never saw it advertised on moodle.org. Wonder why? The reason I found out now is because of your photo in your posts on the Moodle forums. I thought, who is this smiling guy with a while flower on his lapel. Combined with an upbeat demeanor, I figured it was someone I wanted to meet. So I clicked on your profile and ended up here.

    Congratulations on a great project! I will be watching for news for you as I attend the MoodleMoot Japan coming soon.

  • Joseph Thibault

    That smiling guy would be me! Thanks for stopping by. Also, I’d love to have someone cover the Moot Japan event; I’d be happy to publish any recaps from sessions at Moodlenews.