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  • Tina

    This info doesn’t appear to be accurate anymore? Can you do an update on how to do this in 2.8.1? Because I don’t see anything called “authentication” anywhere in my Moodle!

  • Joseph Thibault

    Authentication has been nested under “Plugins” now, you can get to the same area to custom the login info screen at http://yourmoodle.net/admin/settings.php?section=manageauths

  • SP


    Am struggling to get an authentication (external website w/SSO) solution done for Moodle. Am not sure if I can ask this here, but I still elaborate. If it is possible for you to help, request you to kindly do so.

    My requirement is as follows. I have already created a web page, via which I register as also login. The same have been implemented using PDO.

    The login takes me to a page, where I have four links. Let’s say they’re named as basic, intermediate, advanced & specialized. Depending on your knowledge levels, you click on one of them.

    From here, I want them to be taken to Moodle, but want to skip it’s authentication page. How can I achieve the same?

  • Coman

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